Abolish the Electoral College

There’s been a lot of talk lately about abolishing the electoral college after Clinton’s loss last week. Most people who are asking for this are merely upset by Clinton’s loss and are embittered by the fact that she has lost the electoral college and won the popular vote. I think the electoral college should be abolished for the simple reason that politicians only focus on a few states that are considered swing states.

People in California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, etc. don’t get their voices heard. When politicians say, “Every vote matters” and “We’re going to wait until every vote is counted”, they really mean those votes in Florida and Ohio.

Campaigns would change entirely. You wouldn’t just get to hope for 1 more vote than your opponent in a state to win the entire state. You would want to turn out tens or hundreds of thousands of more people than your opponent. People who live in a deep red or deep blue state wouldn’t feel so despondent. They would begin to see that their vote actually does matter.

I don’t think the electoral college is terrible. I think it helps prevent the tyranny of the majority. Smaller states have a greater voice in the electoral college than they would otherwise. The rule of California could overcome most of the West and Midwest by sheer population. I want to protect minorities, all minorities, including those who disagree with me politically.

That being said, I still think there is room to eliminate the electoral college and protect minority views. Maybe we can even move to a proportional electoral college system. All of California’s electoral college votes don’t go to Clinton. 60% go to Clinton and 33% to Trump (or whatever the exact proportion comes out to be). But, disregarding moving to a proportional system, the electoral college should be abolished, so that every vote matters more than it does today.


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